About Killybegs Marine Cluster

Welcome to Killybegs Marine Cluster

The Killybegs Marine Cluster is an industry-driven marine cluster that aims to build capacity with businesses working within the blue economy. We aim to ensure our member companies can improve their competitiveness, internationalise their businesses, and maximise their efficiency and productivity. The core objectives of the Killybegs Marine Cluster are to establish new business opportunities in international markets, foster skills and talent,
and provide our members access to research development and innovation while building a community founded on trust.

The blue economy is quite broad and encompasses many industries including commercial fishing (base industry), fish processing, marine engineering, aquaculture, renewable energies, offshore marineservices and marine tourism. The Killybegs Marine Cluster was established on February 1, 2021. It is one of twelve clusters on the island of Ireland and part of Enterprise Ireland’s National Clustering Programme. The cluster is currently 100% funded by Enterprise Ireland under the Regional Technology Cluster Fund (RTCF). We use a quadruple helix framework which comprises a blend of industry, academia, government and community support in order to realise the true potential of our greatest asset, our Ocean.

Ireland’s only dedicated marine cluster and unique in several ways:

  • The Killybegs Marine Cluster has organically developed from natural resources, with commercial fishing being the base industry. Due to the geographical position of Killybegs on the North West coast of Ireland, the port provides easy access to the richest fishing grounds in Europe. Killybegs also has the highest and most sustained offshore wind speeds in Europe.
  • Killybegs is internationally renowned for it’s marine engineering capabilities.
  • The Killybegs Marine Cluster has a unique ecosystem given the close proximity of its members, making it an attractive environment to conduct business and a one- stop-shop for all things marine.

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