Company Profile

GCM Painting Limited is a specialist marine painting service company based in the fishing port of Killybegs, Co. Donegal. Having started off in the marine industry in 2013, GCM Painting Director, Glen Campbell has established strong reputation as one of the leading marine painting companies in the North West. GCM painting’s professional team comprises 7 fulltime staff and 4 part time employees.

The majority of work is carried out by GCM Painting is at the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine (DAFM) Syncrolift (Boat Lift) which is located on Killybegs Harbour. This Syncrolift can lift vessels up to 600 Gross Tonne and they avail off a large fit for purpose boat shed onsite for longer term project work. GCM Painting provide contract services to Mooney Boats Limited which operate a 75 Gross Tonne Marine Vessel hoist which facilitates both commercial and leisure marine vessels.

GCM Marine cater for a wide range of marine vessels ranging from large commercial marine fishing vessels (pelagic, polyvalent etc.), ferry boats, tugboats and private yachts. GCM Painting cover all aspects relating to a full respray such as striping the original coat back to bare steel, treating and prepping for a full respray both internally and externally. GCM Painting work across all areas of the vessels including hulls, main deck, shelter decks, engine rooms, steering rooms, tanks etc. Since their inception in 2013, GCM Painting have built a strong reputation for marine painting services in Killybegs and in the North West.