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36% Increase in Syncrolift Bookings

Mooney Boats are the largest ship building and restoration company in North West Ireland. They specialise in Boat Building, Engineering, Production, Refurbishment, Fabrication, Repair and Maintenance of Marine and Industrial Products and are ISO 2001:2008 certified.

Mooney Boats services include steel aluminium stainless fabrication; overhauls, repair and maintenance, hydraulics, electronics, pneumatics, installation of equipment and machinery, cleaning and painting, and specialist projects such as wheelhouse enlargement and vessel lengthening. Mooney Boats also stock a wide range of top-quality power and hand tools, protective clothing, chandlery and hardware.

Mooney Boats Limited are continuing to go from strength to strength with a dramatic increase in Syncrolift bookings, up 36% when compared to 2020. Boat Hoists bookings, usually used for smaller leisure vessels are also up 12% when compared to 2020. Mooney Boats have successfully complete some impressive transformations, including the Aqua Gripfisk, a Fish Transporter,  which was completed in early quarter 1, 2022. This work included drydocking the vessel, installing a new collision bulkhead and applying an attractive and name matching colour scheme.