The Atlantic Dawn Group based in Killybegs have welcomed their new 27 metre pelagic/whitefish trawler, MFV ELLA G 233 to add to their already impressive fishing fleet.  The MFV ELLA was designed by master draughtsman Ove Kristensen from Denmark, the hull coming from Lavtia and the vessel outfitted and finished in Killybegs by Mooney Boats Limited. The impressive ELLA will fish with a small crew of six and is skippered by Sean O’Driscoll.


Build 49 ‘Ella’ is arguably one of the best-looking vessels in her class. The Ella’s sweeping bow to stern lines and wheelhouse lip has been designed in such a way to complement her three bigger 64m sisters’ ships MFV Veronica, Lauren & Leila which are currently under construction. The Ella’s modern lines not only offer complementing looks but also practicalities such as the enhanced visibility out of the arching wheelhouse windows.

The vessels internal layout has been pre-designed three dimensionally by Mooney Boats Ltd Design team to comfortably accommodate the latest technologies while allowing owners to virtually walkthrough and review layouts and finishes prior to fitout.


As accustomed with Mooney Boats Ltd Vessels, the accommodation is fished to the highest standards. Expertly crafted bespoke timber furniture can be found throughout the living quarters which have been brought into the 21st century with the use of accessible charging ports, modern LED strip lighting, Mooney’s distinctive tv and mess seating, underfloor heating, air conditioning and innovative storage solutions.

The electronics package in the wheelhouse is supplied by Barry Electronics Limited of Killybegs and the electrics was fitted by Mooney Boats Ltd. The refrigeration system has been supplied and fitted by the KER Group of Killybegs.

A number of other Killybegs Marine Cluster company members including SeaQuest Systems, MMG Welding Limited, GCM Painting and Swan Net Gundry were involved in the supply and fitout of this impressive marine fishing vessel.