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MFV Antarctic, D97

In mid-July 2021, the Irish flag was raised on the mast of new build 458, MFV Antarctic, D97.

mfv antarctic 458 killybegs marine cluster donegal

The Antarctic Fishing Company owned by the McHugh-family welcomed the arrival of their new and impressive MFV Antarctic in July 2021. The new marine fishing vessel is being upgraded from their previous 51m Antarctic.

The new vessel will operate along the same pattern as the previous vessel, with a traditional pelagic trawl fishery, targeting fish species such as mackerel, herring and blue whiting.

Teresa and Eamon McHugh have managed the family business for 25 years, since starting with the first “Antarctic”, bought from Eamon’s brother Kevin McHugh. Sons Eamon J and Gerard are also deeply involved in the family business, with Eamon J managing the shore side and Gerard fishing onboard present vessel as skipper.

The Antarctic Fishing Company was established in 1987 with the purchase of first Antarctic. In 1997 a newly built Antarctic was commissioned later being replaced with owners present Antarctic. The new Antarctic will be the fifth vessel in the ownership of Eamon McHugh and his family. Eamon McHugh is a well-known pelagic fishing personality, who has been fishing for some 40 years, working his way up in the grades over mate on Paula to skipper on his own vessel. Eamon will continue skippering the new vessel.

The vessel design, specification and arrangements are a result of an extensive and close cooperation between the owners and Karstensen Shipyards, where all details have been tailor made to suit Eamon McHughs exact specifications. The main focus has been set on optimizing working, safety and comfort for the crew, optimizing catch handling- and storage facilities and optimizing of fuel consumption.

The new Antarctic is based on Karstensen Shipyards highly successful 63m hull model, which has proven characteristics in relation to sea keeping and fuel consumption. KS 63m hulls are in operation in all parts of northern Europe, with one already based in Killybegs, namely Paula.

In order to reach above targets, the ships will be outfitted with all the newest machinery and equipment, and suppliers have been chosen carefully to match specification and requirements. In particular it is noteworthy, that Killybegs based SeaQuest will supply the full deck machinery / winch / crane package.








Killybegs-based KER Group supplied the full RSW-machinery and vacuum unloading packages.




Both companies have long standing business relationships with Eamon McHugh. But these orders will mark as a first complete supply to Karstensen Shipyard.




Barry Electronics, also of Killybegs, will supply the complete array of electronics for the new vessel.

antarctic karstensens shipyard

MAN ES will be supplying the complete propulsion plant, including a 9L27/38 main engine.

Auxiliary engines will be of make Caterpillar, consisting of 2 main units, 1 x 930 and 1 x 550 kWe.